Airchecks by Chris Stelly

Norfolk-Virginia Beach-Newport News

93.7WNOBVariety Hits "93-7 Bob FM"10/24/20163:20 PMAutomated160
94.9WPTEHot AC "94.9 the Point"8/7/20169:45 PMMr Wonderful80
96.1WROX-FMModern Rock "96X"8/7/20167:35 PMAlex Rose80
Modern Rock "96X"10/24/20169:20 PMAutomated160
100.5WVHTTop 40 "Hot 100"10/25/201612:25AMAutomated160
105.3WNOHTop 40 "Now 105"10/24/20165:30PMCorey, Jackson160
107.7WMOV-FMRhythmic AC "Movin 107-7"10/25/201612:20AMAutomated160


94.5WRVQTop 40 "Q94"4/13/20166:40 PMJackson160
Top 40 "Q94"1/12/20172:35 PMAnna160
Top 40 "Q94"2/15/20172:30 PMAnna160
Top 40 "Q94"6/5/20175:30 PMJackson80
100.9WJSRClassic Hits "Star 100.9"7/9/20162:45 PMAutomated160
102.1WRXLModern Rock "XL102"4/13/20162:45 PMTamo160
Modern Rock "XL102"8/27/20163:30 PMMojo160
103.7WURVHot AC "103-7 Play"4/14/20161:25 AMAutomated160
Hot AC "103-7 Play"10/20/201612:40 AMAutomated160
104.3W282CAClassic Hip-Hop"G104-3" debut8/9/201611:55 AMMs. Eklass160W282CA rebroadcasts 95.3 WKHK HD2; new sign-on debuted format after several days of stunting; Westwood One satellite "Classic Hip Hop" format
106.1W291CLRhythmic Top 40 "Hot 106.1"4/13/201610:30 AMKrissi160W291CL rebroadcasts 103.7 WURV HD2
Rhythmic Top 40 "Hot 106.1"2/14/20172:25 PMAllie160W291CL rebroadcasts 103.7 WURV HD2
Rhythmic Top 40 "Hot 106.1"3/21/201711:00 AMAllie160W291CL rebroadcasts 103.7 WURV HD2
107.3WBBT-FM80s Oldies "107-3BBT"6/5/20172:40 PMBill West80WBBT-FM had shifted from Classic Hits 3/2017

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