Airchecks by Chris Stelly


93.3KDHTRhythmic Top 40 "Hot 93-3"7/6/20071:41 PMPicasso, Jada80
AAA "93-3 KGSR"12/3/200911:20 PMLoris Lowe, Automated80KDHT switched from Rhythmic Top 40 11/20, picking up AAA from 107.1; calls to KGSR 12/8
KGSRAAA "Radio Austin"2/7/20112:40 PMMark160
AAA "Radio Austin"5/22/20167:00 PMKelly Stocker160
AAA "Radio Austin"9/18/20178:25 PMLoris Lowe160
94.7KAMXHot AC "Mix 94.7"12/7/200511:55 PMMary Jane80104
Modern AC "Mix 94.7"4/23/20075:50 PMBridget & Carey80
Modern AC "Mix 94.7"7/7/20073:45 AMDavid Bruce80
Hot AC "Mix 94.7"3/1/20093:00 PMGraham Scott, Marty160
Hot AC "Mix 94.7"2/16/201112:23 AMAutomated160
Hot AC "Mix 94.7"11/25/201310:40 PMAutomated160
Top 40 "Mix 94.7"10/11/20158:50 PMAutomated160
Top 40 "Mix 94.7"11/27/20156:00 PMJay Styles, Ashley Z160
Top 40 "Austin's Mix 94-7"4/23/20164:20 PMAutomated160
96.7KHFI-FMTop 40 "96-7 Kiss FM"4/23/200710:35 PMCruz80
Top 40 "96-7 Kiss FM"7/5/20072:50 PMTony Cortez160
Top 40 "96-7 Kiss FM"2/28/20096:25 PMRomeo160
Top 40 "96-7 Kiss FM"12/4/200910:25 AMAmy, Cruz160
Top 40 "96-7 Kiss FM"1/17/20116:30 PMCruz, Kane160
Top 40 "96-7 Kiss FM"2/8/20132:00 PMCruz160
Top 40 "96-7 Kiss FM"10/16/20146:35 PMCruz, EJ160
Top 40 "96-7 Kiss FM"3/12/20162:25 PMZach Dillon160
96.7-2KHFI-FM 2Top 40 "Stevie's Boom Room"4/23/20072:10 AMAutomated80
Top 40 "Stevie's Boom Room"7/5/20071:25 PMAutomated80
Top 40 "the Hot Spot"3/1/20094:00 AMAutomated160
Hot AC12/2/200912:50 AMShelley Wade160
Modern Rock-Dance "ACL Fest Radio"12/2/20092:15 PMAutomated160
97.5K248CUDance "97-5 Pride Radio"1/12/201612:00 PMDelana80Sign-on of new translator and debut of "Pride Radio"; K248CU rebroadcasts 100.7 KASE-FM HD2
101.5KROX-FMModern Rock "101X"4/23/20072:45 PMToby Ryan80
Modern Rock "101X"7/5/20078:20 PMKirsten160
Modern Rock "101X"7/6/20072:55 AMChuck160
Modern Rock "101X"3/1/20091:50 PMShane160
Modern Rock "101X"12/2/20096:25 PMTrevin160
Modern Rock "101X"2/16/20112:20 PMTrevin160
Modern Rock "101X"2/8/20131:00 AMAutomated160
Modern Rock "101X"10/28/20159:40 PMTrevin160
Modern Rock "101X"4/23/20161:25 PMToby Ryan160
102.3KPEZRhythmic Top 40 "102-3 the Beat"1/17/20119:48 PMSonik160
Rhythmic Top 40 "102-3 the Beat"7/23/20137:30 PMSpecial K160
Rhythmic Top 40 "102-3 the Beat"11/26/20131:40 PMVal Santos160
Rhythmic Top 40 "102-3 the Beat"5/24/20169:45 PMVal Santos160
102.3-2KPEZ 2Rhythmic Top 40 1/23/20115:15 PMAutomated160
Rhythmic Top 40 8/31/20122:20 PMAutomated160
103.1K276ELRhythmic AC "Jammin' 103-1"5/8/20126:35 PMAutomated160Having switched from Fox- Sports// 1300 KVET hours before; K276EL rebroadcasts 98.1 KVET-FM HD2
Alternative-Indie "103-1 iHeart Austin" debut3/7/201311:40 AMHeather160Format change from Rhythmic Oldies "Jammin' 103-1" to SXSW-focused Alternative-Indie "103-1 iHeart Austin"; K276EL rebroadcasts 98.1 KVET-FM HD2
Alternative-Indie "103-1 iHeart Austin"7/23/201312:30 PMHeather160
Alternative-Indie "103-1 iHeart Austin"3/10/20164:10 PMHannah O160
103.5KBPAVariety Hits "103-5 Bob FM"7/6/20077:15 PMEvan160
Variety Hits "103-5 Bob FM"3/2/20092:05 AMAutomated80
Variety Hits "103-5 Bob FM"12/2/20098:55 AMKrash Kelly160
Variety Hits "103-5 Bob FM"2/16/20117:30 PMEvan160
Variety Hits "103-5 Bob FM"11/28/20155:30 PMEvan160
103.5-2KBPA 2Dance "Mega 103-5 HD2"12/1/20096:35 PMAutomated160
Dance "Mega 103-5 HD2"12/31/20108:51 AMAutomated160
Dance "Mega 103-5 HD2"2/16/201112:00 AMAutomated160
Dance "Mega 103-5 HD2"10/20/20116:15 PMAutomated160
Dance "Mega 103-5 HD2"10/11/201511:50 AMAutomated160
Dance "Mega 103-5 HD2"5/22/201610:40 PMAutomated160
Dance "Mega 103-5 HD2"9/16/20176:40 PMAutomated160
104.9KXBTRhythmic Top 40 "Beat 104-9"7/6/20073:15 PMLady K80
105.3K287FGAAA "the Fringe" debut4/19/20149:45 AMJB & Sandy160Format change from Country-Americana// 99.3 KOKE-FM "Koke FM" to AAA "the Fringe"; K287FG rebroadcasts 104.9 KTXX-FM HD4
AAA "the Fringe"4/19/20142:00 PMRay Seggern, JB & Sandy160Sampler loop of new AAA format; K287FG rebroadcasts 104.9 KTXX-FM HD4
AAA "the Fringe"10/11/20149:45 AMAutomated160 K287FG rebroadcasts 104.9 KTXX-FM HD4
105.9KFMKRhythmic AC "Jammin' 105-9"4/23/200710:45 AMAutomated80
Rhythmic AC "Jammin' 105-9"7/5/20076:45 PMAutomated80
Rhythmic Top 40 "Jammin' 105-9"3/1/200912:30 PMAutomated80Nightly/Weekend Rhythmic Top 40 programming on Rhythmic AC KFMK
Rhythmic Top 40 "105-9 the Beat"12/3/200912:50 AMAutomated160Add a Tooltip Text

Beaumont-Port Arthur

94.1KQXY-FMTop 40 "Q94"12/18/20088:55 PMAutomated80
Top 40 "Q94"8/1/20134:25 PMJammer80
Top 40 "Q94"11/27/20145:05 PMAutomated80
104.5KKMYRhythmic Top 40 "104-5 Kiss FM"8/1/201212:30 AMNessa160

Bryan-College Station

95.1KNDETop 40 "Candy 95"6/12/20116:50 PMBrandi, Lane80
Top 40 "Candy 95"3/14/20139:10 PMJeremy80
Top 40 "Candy 95"8/6/20176:50 PMAutomated80
95.1-2KNDE 2Modern Rock "Rock Candy"10/17/20138:40 PMAutomated80
103.1KVJMRhythmic Top 40 "103.1 Kiss FM"4/5/20123:55 PMMack80KVJM had switched from Spanish Top 40 "Mia" the week before
Rhythmic Top 40 "103.1 Kiss FM"10/17/20138:50 PMMack80

Corpus Christi

92.7KKBARhythmic AC "92.7 K-Bay"8/13/201011:30 PMAutomated80
93.9KMXRClassic Hits "Big 93-9"8/19/201712:00 AMCindy Collins80
95.5KZFMRhythmic Top 40 "Hot Z95"9/17/20119:20 AMGino, Erika80
Rhythmic Top 40 "Hot Z95"5/31/201312:30 AMAutomated160
96.5KLTGModern AC "the Beach 96.5"8/14/20101:40 PMAutomated160
Hot AC "the Beach 96.5"9/7/20112:25 AMAutomated160
Hot AC "the Beach 96.5"5/31/20133:10 AMAutomated160
Top 40 "the Beach 96.5"8/19/20135:40 AMJoe Kelley, Automated160
102.3KKPNTop 40 "Planet 102.3"8/14/201010:50 AMBrandon160
Top 40 "Planet 102.3"9/6/201111:25 PMJ-Ree, Automated160
Top 40 "Planet 102.3"5/30/20137:00 PMAutomated160
Top 40 "Planet 102.3"8/19/20172:30 PMAutomated160
104.1K281AVRhythmic Oldies "Retro 104.1"8/20/20172:00 PMAutomated160K281AV rebroadcasts 1150 KCCT
105.5KLHBRhythmic Top 40 "Wild 105-5"8/19/20178:10 PMAutomated160KLHB had flipped from ESPN Sports 8/7
106.5KYRKRock "106.5 the Shark"5/31/20138:00 AMAutomated80
Modern Rock "106-5 the Shark"8/19/201711:40 AMAutomated160
107.3KAJEVariety Hits "107-3 Jake FM"9/7/20116:20 AMAutomated160
Variety Hits "107-3 Jake FM"5/30/201310:55 PMAutomated80
107.7KOULTop 40 "Power 103"8/19/20175:20 PMAutomated160Having switched from Country "Young Country" 6/2017; KOUL simulcasts on 103.1 K277BL

Dallas-Fort Worth

93.3KLIF-FMTop 40 "I93"4/3/201012:30 PMAutomated160
Top 40 "I93"4/26/20128:25 PMChase160
Rhythmic Top 40 "Hot 93-3"1/21/20156:10 AMAutomated160
Top 40 "Hot 93-3"11/18/20175:50 PMVicki Oh80
93.3-2KDBN 290s Oldies "Energy 93-3"4/25/200712:10 PMAutomated80
90s Oldies "Energy 93-3"3/4/20097:25 AMAutomated160
94.5KSOCClassic Hip-Hop "Boom 94-5"1/20/201510:50PMAutomated160
97.1KEGLActive Rock "97-1 the Eagle"3/3/200910:40 AMCindy Skull160
99.5-2KPLX 2Top 40 "Vibe 99-5"4/25/20078:50 AMAutomated80
100.3KJKKVariety Hits "100.3 Jack FM"4/25/20077:30 AMAutomated80
Variety Hits "100.3 Jack FM"3/3/200912:45 AMAutomated160
Variety Hits "100.3 Jack FM"4/27/20127:55 PMAutomated160
100.3-3KJKK 3Alternative-Indie "the Indie-Verse"8/13/20116:10 PMAutomated74
102.1KDGEModern Rock "102-1 the Edge"4/25/20071:45 AMBrett X80
Modern Rock "102-1 the Edge"3/2/20098:25 PMJosh160
Modern Rock "102-1 the Edge"4/3/201010:35 PMJessie160
Modern Rock "102-1 the Edge"4/27/20122:15 AMBobby Black160
Modern Rock "102-1 the Edge"1/21/201512:35 AMMel Taylor160
102.1-2KDGE 2Modern Rock "the Cutting Edge"4/24/20078:50 AMAutomated80
Modern Rock "the Cutting Edge"3/3/200911:30 PMAutomated160
102.9KDMXHot AC "Mix 102-9"4/25/20073:15 AMJoe Kelly80
Hot AC "Mix 102-9"4/3/20101:20 PMJosh Hart160
Hot AC "102-9 Now"1/21/20153:45 AMAutomated, Burt Weiss160
103.7KVILHot AC1/20/20156:35 PMKory160
Top 40 "Amp 103-7"6/6/20171:40 AMAutomated80
Modern Rock "Alt 103-7"11/1820177:50 PMAutomated80KVIL had switched from Top 40 "Amp 103-7" the day before
105.3-2KRLD-FM 2Alternative-Indie "the Indie-Verse"3/2/20095:25 PMNick160
106.1KHKSTop 40 "106.1 Kiss FM"4/24/200710:45 PMPriscilla80
Top 40 "106.1 Kiss FM"12/10/20074:05 PMAtom Smasher80
Top 40 "106.1 Kiss FM"3/3/20093:25 PMJackson Blue, Billy the Kidd160
Top 40 "106.1 Kiss FM"4/2/20103:35 PMJackson Blue160
Top 40 "106.1 Kiss FM"4/26/201211:30 PMTorres160
Top 40 "106.1 Kiss FM"1/20/20155:50 PMFreddy Rivera, Cruz160
106.1-2KHKS 2Top 40 "Wild 106.1"3/3/20098:35 PMAutomated160
Top 40 "Wild 106.1"4/2/20108:30 PMAutomated160
107.5KMVKRhythmic AC "Movin 107-5"4/25/20074:40 AMAutomated80
107.9KESS-FMRhythmic Top 40 "107.9 Radio H²O"4/11/20136:40 PMMad Maury80


92.1KROIClassic Hip-Hop "Boom 92"1/10/20159:45 PMAutomated160
Top 40 "92.1 Radio Now"11/5/20176:55 PMAmir Diamond80
94.5KTBZ-FMModern Rock "94-5 the Buzz"12/6/20052:40 PMDon Jantzen80102
Modern Rock "94-5 the Buzz"5/22/200610:40 AMChris Rice80112
Modern Rock "94-5 the Buzz"12/1/20069:45 PMKarah Lee80
Modern Rock "94-5 the Buzz"4/21/20076:55 PMAutomated80
Modern Rock "94-5 the Buzz"12/20/200810:35 AMTheresa160
Modern Rock "94-5 the Buzz"1/11/201512:45 AMAutomated160
94.5-2KTBZ-FM 2Modern Rock "Liquid Buzz"4/21/20075:45 PMAutomated80
Modern Rock "Liquid Buzz"3/17/20086:20 PMAutomated80
Modern Rock "Liquid Buzz"4/19/20082:10 AMAutomated80
Modern Rock "Liquid Buzz"12/21/20082:45 AMAutomated160
Modern Rock "Liquid Buzz"2/28/20095:50 AMAutomated160
95.7KKHHTop 40 "Hot 95-7"4/18/200810:45 PMNikki160KKHH had switched from Smooth Jazz KHJZ "the Wave" 3/13
Top 40 "Hot 95-7"12/19/20087:25 PMMatt Kuhl160
Top 40 "Hot 95-7"12/1/200910:55 AMKelly Kelly80
Top 40 "Hot 95-7"3/20/20104:55 PMKaden80
Top 40 "Hot 95-7"8/9/201412:45 AMAutomate80
95.7-2KKHH 2Dance "Energy 95-7"12/1/20092:55 AMAutomated160
Dance "Energy 95-7"3/21/20102:45 AMAutomated160
Dance "Energy 95-7"1/11/20153:30 AMAutomated160
96.5KHMXHot AC "Mix 96.5"5/22/200612:40 AMAutomated80113
Hot AC "Mix 96.5"4/20/200711:55 PMAutomated80
Hot AC "Mix 96.5"12/20/20082:00 PMKeith Scott160
Hot AC "Mix 96-5"6/20/201410:10 AMLauren80
96.5-2KHMX 2Top 40 "Digital Energy"3/17/20073:30 PMAutomated80
Top 40 "Digital Energy"4/20/200710:00 PMAutomated80
Top 40 "Digital Energy"9/3/20073:40 AMAutomated160
Top 40 "Digital Energy"12/20/20081:50 AMAutomated160
103.7KIOLVariety Hits "103-7 Jack FM"9/3/200712:45 AMAutomated160KIOL switched from Rock "Rock 103-7" 8/30
KHJKVariety Hits "103-7 Jack FM"4/19/20086:50 AMAutomated80
Variety Hits "103-7 Jack FM"12/20/20088:55 PMAutomated160
AAA "103-7FM"12/1/20097:55 AMAutomated80
AAA "103-7FM"7/15/20126:05 PMAutomated80KHJK switched to Air 1- Christian Rock two days later
104.1KRBETop 405/23/20069:40 AMAtom/Maria, Scott Sparks74114
Top 407/11/20066:35 PMFreddy Cruz, Carson80116
Top 4011/30/20069:50 PMCarson80
Top 404/20/20076:55 PMFreddy Cruz, Carson/Lauren80
Top 4012/19/200812:30 AMTony Styles160
Top 4012/1/200912:20 PMFreddy Cruz80
Top 403/21/201010:00 AMMary Kennedy80
106.9KHPT80s Oldies "106-9 the Point"7/12/200610:00 AMHeather Walters80117
80s Oldies "106-9 the Point"8/1/20092:50 AMAutomated80117
106.9-2KHPT 2Classic Alternative "Pat FM"4/19/20083:40 AMAutomated160
Classic Alternative "Pat FM"2/28/20092:50 AMAutomated160
80s Oldies "106-9 the Point"1/11/20153:30 AMAutomated160


95.5KAFX-FMTop 40 "K-Fox 95-5"12/2/20173:00 PM160

San Antonio

92.5KRPTRhythmic Top 40 "Wild 92-5 & 105-7"1/13/20134:50 PMMack80KRPT simulcasts on 105.7 K289BN via 101.9 KQXT-FM HD2
94.1KTFMRhythmic Top 403/24/20111:40 AMAutomated160
Rhythmic Top 409/27/20154:50 PMAuggie Five Thousand80
Rhythmic Top 40 "Energy 94-1"1/31/20168:25 AMAutomated160KTFM had relaunched as "Energy" 1/7/2016
Rhythmic Top 40 "Energy 94-1"9/24/20178:10 AMAutomated160
95.1KCOR-FMClassic Hip-Hop "Yo! 95.112/19/201410:30 PMAutomated80KCOR-FM had switched from Spanish Top 40 "Latino Mix" KGSX a few hours before
96.1KXXMTop 40 "Mix 96.1"4/22/20073:15 PMJoJo80
Top 40 "Mix 96.1"3/23/20119:25 PMBilly the Kidd160
Top 40 "Mix 96.1"10/13/20117:55 PMBilly the Kidd80
Top 40 "Mix 96.1"3/16/20124:55 PMRussell Rush160
Top 40 "Mix 96.1"1/31/201612:20 PMChase Murphy160
Top 40 "96-1 Now"7/1/20174:55 PMAutomated80KXXM had relaunched from "Mix 96.1" the day before
Top 40 "96-1 Now"9/24/2017EJ160
97.7KLTOTop 40 "Party 97-7"3/23/20114:25 PMAutomated160KLTO had switched from Active Rock "97-7 Rock" 2/5/2011
98.5KBBTRhythmic Top 40 "98.5 the Beat"4/30/20115:50 PMMs. Jeans80
Rhythmic Top 40 "98.5 the Beat"7/5/20124:00 PMHamburger160
99.5KISS-FMActive Rock "99-5 Kiss"9/24/201711:55 PMAutomated160
101.1KONO-FM70s-80s Oldies "102-7 Jack FM"9/24/20172:50 AMAutomated160
102.7KJXKVariety Hits "102-7 Jack FM"2/11/201512:00AMAutomated80
Variety Hits "102-7 Jack FM"9/24/201712:00AMAutomated160
103.3K277CXModern Rock "103-3 the App"3/1/20157:10 PMAutomated80First day of normal operation; K277CX rebroadcasts 94.1 KTFM HD2
Classic Hip-Hop "G103-3"4/30/20176:55 PMAutomated80Having switched from Modern Rock "103-3 the App" 4/21; K277CX rebroadcasts 94.1 KTFM HD2
104.5KZEP-FMRhythmic AC "Hot 104-5"8/9/20144:15 PMAutomated80KZEP had switched from Classic Rock "K-Zep" the day before
Rhythmic AC "Hot 104-5"1/19/20158:20 PMAutomated80
105.3KSMGHot AC "Magic 105.3"1/31/201612:40 AMAutomated80
Hot AC "Magic 105.3"9/24/20172:50 AMAutomated160
106.7KELZ-FMTop 40 "Z106-7"12/6/20056:45 PMSlammin' Sammy80103


104.7KVICTop 40 "Hit Radio 104-7"5/3/201312:00 PMAutomated80KVIC had upgraded and moved from 95.1 the day before


97.5KWTX-FMTop 40 "97.5FM"12/9/200510:30 AMJohn Doe80
Top 40 "97.5FM"4/24/20072:15 PMJohn Doe, Llama80
Top 40 "97.5FM"3/2/200912:40 PMJen Austin80
Top 40 "97.5FM"6/24/20096:25 PMLlama, Kramer160
Top 40 "97.5FM"1/13/20111:50 PMJosh, Llama160
Top 40 "97.5FM"4/27/20125:45 PMLlama80
Top 40 "97.5FM"3/22/20137:35 PMBilly the Kidd80
Top 40 "97.5FM"1/9/20163:10 PMEJ160
Top 40 "97-5FM"4/3/20161:45 PMLetty B, EJ80
104.5K283CDRhythmic Oldies "Jammin' 104-5"1/9/201610:35 PMAutomated160K283CD rebroadcasts 104.9 KBHT HD3
106.7KDRWVariety Hits "106-7 Doc FM"1/13/201110:45 AMAutomated160
107.9KWPWRhythmic Top 40 "Power 108"1/13/20111:50 PMAutomated160
Top 40 "Power 108"7/5/20136:50 PMAutomated80
Top 40 "Power 108"1/9/201612:30 PMAutomated160

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