Airchecks by Chris Stelly


93.1KQIDTop 40 "Q93"8/26/200612:50 PMC-Dub, Ron80
Top 40 "Q93"12/6/20076:05 PMJessica160
Top 40 "Q93"11/28/20138:30 PMAutomated80
106.9KEDGHot AC "Star 106-9"8/14/20087:45 PMAutomated80

Baton Rouge

93.7KOOJActive RockRock 93-74/27/200512:20AMMatt80
KRDJClassic HitsRed @ 93.74/28/20054:45 PMAutomated80Switch from Active Rock "Rock 93-7" KOOJ
KRDJVariety HitsRed @ 93.75/16/200710:45 AMAutomated80110
96.1-2KRVE 280s OldiesMy 80s1/27/20088:50 PMAutomated160
KRVE 280s-90s OldiesMy7/1/20088:20 PMAutomated160
102.5WFMFTop 407/10/20075:50 PMKevin Campbell, Kasper160
WFMFTop 406/10/20082:40 PMKevin Campbell160
WFMFTop 4011/19/20126:50 PMBilly the Kidd160
WFMFTop 401/1/20147:35 PMBilly the Kidd160
WFMFTop 409/23/201411:55 AMLibby Davis160
WFMFTop 407/30/20157:25 PMRomeo160
WFMFTop 406/3/20166:55 PMRomeo160
102.5-2WFMF 2Top 40the Hot Spot6/14/20081:45 PMAutomated80
Top 40the Hot Spot8/16/20084:15 PMAutomated80
103.3WCDV90s Oldies103-32/19/20109:50 PMAutomated160WCDV had switched from AC "Sunny 103-3" 2/12/2010
104.9KNXXModern Rock104 the X2/23/200811:35 AMAutomated160KNXX simulcasts on 104.5 WNXX

Houma-Thibodaux-Morgan City

106.3KXOR-FMModern Rock "106.3 K-Rock"1/1/20103:45 PMAutomated80KXOR-FM had shifted from Rock "Rock 106.3" 12/2009
Modern Rock "106.3 K-Rock"5/1/20106:45 PMAutomated80


93.7KRDJClassic Rock "Rock 93.7"2/1/200712:00 AMAutomated80Debut of Classic Rock format from Variety Hits "Red @ 93.7", move from Baton Rouge to Lafayette
Active Rock "Rock 93.7"1/28/201012:45 AMAutomated160
94.5KSMBTop 402/27/20068:20 PMMaxwell80106
Top 401/11/20079:50 PMAutomated80
Top 4011/23/20077:50 PMJared Vance80
Top 405/22/20081:25 PMTroy Leger, Chris Reed160
Top 408/12/201212:40 AMAutomated160
Top 401/3/20141:30 AMAutomated160
Top 409/22/20141:45 PMTom Mitchell160
Top 407/31/20151:49 PMAutomated160
Top 4012/26/20153:55 PMBrittany160
Top 406/3/201610:35 AMCheryl Robichaux160
96.5KFTEModern Rock "Planet Radio 96.5"5/18/200610:55 AMJude80111
Modern Rock "Planet Radio 96.5"6/24/201010:40 PMDanielle, Automated80Final 80 minutes of Modern Rock format leading into format swap with News-Talk 105.1 KPEL-FM
105.1KFTEModern Rock "Planet Radio 105-1"6/24/201011:55 PMAutomated160Format swap with News-Talk 96.5 KPEL-FM leading into first 160 minutes of Modern Rock format
105.9KRXEActive Rock "Xtreme Rock X105-9"8/31/20043:40 PMAutomated80Final day of Active Rock format; KRXE began stunting the next day towards mid-9/2004 debut of Smooth Jazz KTSJ
106.3KYMK-FMHot AC "106-3 the Monkey"3/31/200812:52 PMPeter McLaine160KYMK-FM had switched from Smooth Jazz KKSJ 2/28/2008
AAA "106-3 Radio Lafayette"11/28/20137:50 AMAutomated160KYMK-FM returned to the air 11/20/2013 with AAA after being silent since April 2012; was previously News-Talk
Alternative-Indie "106-3 Radio Lafayette"9/24/201412:35 PMMandi Ayo160
Alternative-Indie "106-3 Radio Lafayette"7/30/20153:20 PMMandi Ayo160
Alternative-Indie "106-3 Radio Lafayette"6/5/20164:30 PMAutomated160
AAA "106-3 Radio Lafayette"3/24/20164:30 PMMatt160
107.1KOGMHot AC "Mix 107-1"11/16/20122:25 PMKaylin King, TJ160
Hot AC "Mix 107-1"12/31/20132:15 PMTJ160
107.9KRKARhythmic Top 40 "Hot 107-9"10/13/200311:30 PMAutomated160First day of new Rhythmic Top 40 format; was Classic Rock "107.9 K-Rock"
Rhythmic Top 40 "Hot 107-9"5/11/200612:55 PMDigital80109
Rhythmic Top 40 "Hot 107-9"6/26/200810:40 AMRachael Taylor80
KHXTRhythmic Top 40 "Hot 107-9"2/1/201011:50 PMAutomated80
Rhythmic Top 40 "Hot 107-9"8/1/201212:40 PMDave Steel160
Rhythmic Top 40 "Hot 107-9"11/30/201311:35 PMAutomated160
Rhythmic Top 40 "Hot 107-9"9/23/20142:55 PMDigital160
Rhythmic Top 40 "Hot 107-9"3/25/201711:55 AMDave Steel160

Lake Charles

92.1KTSRTop 40 "Star 92.1"1/21/20074:10 PMMikey O80
Top 40 "Star 92.1"4/20/20072:20 PMEric Scott80
Top 40 "92.1 Kiss FM"4/8/20092:20 PMEric Scott160KTSR had reimaged from "Star 92.1" 4/1/2009
Top 40 "92.1 Kiss FM"5/31/20101:55 PMAutomated80
97.9KQLKRhythmic Top 40 "Hot 97-9"12/4/200711:45 PMB-Luv74
Rhythmic Top 40 "Hot 97-9"4/9/20095:20 PMAutomated160
103.3KBIUTop 40 "Hot 103-3"3/26/20172:45 PMAutomated80

New Orleans

92.3WDVWDance-Hot AC "Diva 92.3"8/12/20077:50 PMAutomated80
Hot AC "Mix 92.3"12/23/20077:40 PMAutomated80WDVW had switched from Dance-Hot AC "Diva" 12/21/2007
WRKNModern Rock "Rock 92-3"8/21/20104:35 PMAutomated80WRKN had switched from Hot AC WDVW "Mix" 7/23/2010
Modern Rock "Rock 92-3"11/29/20138:05 PMAutomated80Nearing end of Modern Rock format; WRKN flipped to Country "Nash FM 92-3" 1/2014
Modern Rock "Alt 92-3"6/23/20177:50 PMAutomated160Country "Nash FM" WRKN swapped formats with Modern Rock "the Underground" WZRH on 6/19/2017
96.3K242CETop 40 "96-3 Kiss FM"8/3/20125:20 PMJJ80K242CE rebroadcasts 98.5 WYLD-FM HD2
Active Rock "Rock 96-3"9/25/20143:15 PMShroom80K242CE rebroadcasts 99.5 WRNO-FM HD2
97.1WEZBTop 40 "B97"11/1/20031:15 PMJason Reed160
Top 40 "B97"9/24/20063:45 PMSpeedy80
Top 40 "B97"8/12/20076:30 PMRon80
Top 40 "B97"9/29/20071:35 AMAutomated160
Top 40 "B97"7/2/20083:55 PMStevie G160
Top 40 "B97"8/22/20088:00 PMStevie G80
Top 40 "B97"7/11/20115:35 PMSpeedy, Lil' Tony160
Top 40 "B97"9/24/201411:25 PMCorey B160
99.5-2WRNO-FM 2Classic Alternative "Radio Radio"6/14/20084:55 PMAutomated80
Classic Alternative "Radio Radio"7/2/200811:20 PMAutomated160
102.9KKNDRhythmic Top 40 "Power 102.9" 7/3/20089:55 AMAutomated80Switch from Urban AC// 106.7/KMEZ "Old School"
104.1KSTE-FMTop 40 "104.1 Kiss FM"9/18/200312:40 AMLarry Knight80
KHEVModern Rock "the Rock of New Orleans"11/19/20068:45 PMAutomated80KHEV had switched from Urban Gospel "Halleljuah" 11/13/2006; calls changed to KYRK 11/20
KYRKModern Rock "the Rock of New Orleans"8/12/20074:45 PMAutomated80
Modern Rock "the Rock of New Orleans"1/13/20085:10 PMAutomated80
Modern Rock "the Rock of New Orleans"1/21/200812:25 PMAutomated160
Modern Rock "the Rock of New Orleans"5/31/20084:25 PMAutomated160
KVDURhythmic AC "Voodoo 104"7/9/20118:20 PMAutomated80KVDU had switched from Classic Rock KOBW "the Brew" 6/30/2011
Hot AC "Voodoo 104"8/3/20136:50 PMJag, Romeo80
Hot AC "Voodoo 104"9/21/20142:35 PMJeff Stevens160
104.1-2KVDU 2Modern Rock "the Alternative Project"9/25/20145:05 PMMel Taylor160
106.1WZRHModern Rock "106-1 the Underground"09/05/201510:50 AMAutomated80WZRH had switched from Sports "the Ticket" WMTI 8/27; first day using new calls
Modern Rock "106-1 the Underground"12/26/20158:20 PMAutomated80
Modern Rock "106-1 the Underground"6/6/20159:40 PMShawn Williams, John Boyle80
106.7KKNDModern Rock "106-7 the End"11/1/20033:40 PMJace Edwards, Vydra160

Shreveport-Bossier City

94.5KRUFTop 40 "K94-5"10/28/20061:20 PMJB Foxx80
Top 40 "K94-5"3/4/20091:20 PMStu80
Top 40 "K94-5"6/29/20109:40 PMJ160
97.3KQHNHot AC "Mix 97-3"10/28/200610:40 PMTrent Erikson80
Hot AC "Mix 97-3"6/29/20101:15 PMJeff Parker160

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