Airchecks by Chris Stelly

Fort Walton Beach-Destin

92.1WFFYRhythmic Top 40 "Fly 92-1"12/1/20085:40 PMBrooke, Murphy160
WECQTop 40 "Q92"12/28/20177:25 PMDezzy160
96.5WZNSTop 40 "Z96"12/1/20082:50 PMHayden160
Top 40 "Z96"12/29/201712:40 AMAutomated160
102.1WWAVVariety Hits "102-1 the Wave"12/28/201710:10 PMAutomated80
103.1WMXZHot AC "Mix 103-1"12/1/20088:30 PMSamantha160
WZLBModern Rock "103-1 the Blaze"12/28/201710:25 PMMark, Chelsea160


95.1WAPETop 407/2/20108:45 PMSpoon, Chris Tyler160
Top 406/14/20187:50 PMJustin160
97.3W247CFActive Rock "97-3 Planet Radio"6/17/20181:05 AMBodhi80W247CF rebroadcasts 97.9 WKSL HD2
97.9WFKSTop 40 "97-9 Kiss FM"7/2/20105:50 PMJamie, Mack160
WKSLTop 40 "97-9 Kiss FM"6/16/201811:50 PMMel160
101.5WSOL-FMClassic Hip-Hop"V101.5"6/15/20181:50 PMJojo, Easy E160
102.9WXXJModern Rock "X102-9"7/3/20109:20 PMAutomated160
106.5WXXJModern Rock "X106.5"6/15/201812:55 PMAutomated80
107.3WPLAModern Rock "Planet Radio 107-3"7/3/201010:35 AMKlinger, Chumley160
WWJKVariety Hits "107-3 the River"6/15/20102:45 AMAutomated160
107.3-2WPLA 2Modern Rock7/3/201012:00 AMAutomated160


101.1WJRRActive Rock8/7/20082:55 AMAutomated160
104.1WTKS-FMModern Rock "Real Radio 104.1"8/6/200812:45 AMAutomated160
105.1WOMX-FMHot AC "Mix 105.1"8/7/200810:40 PMAutomated80
105.9-2WOCL 2Modern Rock "O-Rock"8/5/20088:43 PMAutomated160
106.7WXXLTop 40 "XL106-7"8/6/20085:55 PMStick160
106.7-2WXXL 2Top 40 "the Hot Spot"8/7/20088:25 AMAutomated160

Panama City

97.7WYYXActive Rock "97X"11/30/200812:25 PMDr. Stroke Mastro160
105.1WASJVariety Hits "105.1 Bob FM"11/29/20086:20 PMUnidentified160
105.9WILNTop 40 "Island 106"11/29/20083:25 PMSpoon160
107.9WPFMTop 40 "107-9PFM"11/29/20086:30 PMSmiley Jay80


100.7WJLQHot AC "Q100"11/28/20083:45 AMAutomated80
Top 40 "I100"11/6/20095:30 PMAutomated160
101.5WTKX-FMActive Rock "TK101"8/1/201512:55 PMBailey80
101.5-2WTKX-FM 2Modern Rock "the Alternative"11/28/200810:25 PMAutomated160
107.3WRGVRhythmic AC "107-3 the Groove"7/1/201010:50 PMAutomated80
Top 40 "107-3 Kiss FM"8/1/20152:56 PMNathan Fast80

Tampa-St Petersburg-Clearwater

93.3WFLZ-FMTop 40 "93-3FLZ"8/7/200812:00 AMBrian Fink, Jaime Ferreira160
93.3-2WFLZ-FM 2Dance "Club Phusion"8/7/20081:00 PMAutomated160
101.5WPOI80s Oldies "101-5 the Point"8/6/20081:40 PMJoe Elliott80
101.5-2WPOI 2Modern AC "Star 101.5"8/6/20082:20 PMAutomated80

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