Airchecks by Chris Stelly

San Diego

90.3XHITZRhythmic Top 40 "Z90.3"7/27/20092:00 PMMajestic80
91.1XETRA-FMModern Rock "91X"7/24/20095:20 PMCapone, Christy Michaels160
93.3KHTS-FMTop 40 "Channel 9-3-3"7/23/20095:30 PMBoy Toy Jesse, Frankie V160
94.1KMYIHot AC "Star 94-1"7/26/20091:00 PMUnidentified160
94.9KBZTModern Rock "FM94-9"7/24/20093:25 PMHillary, Halloran160
98.9XHMORE-FMRhythmic Top 40 "Blazin 98-9"7/24/20098:35 PMAutomated80
100.7KFMB-FMVariety Hits "100.7 Jack FM"7/24/20098:40 AMAutomated160
102.1KPRIAAA7/26/20094:50 PMBob Jeffrey160
103.7KSCFModern AC "Sophie @ 103-7"7/26/20092:05 PMTony Martin160

San Francisco

92.7KREVTop 40 "92-7 Rev FM"12/30/20123:25 PMAutomated160
94.9KYLDRhythmic Top 40 "Wild 94-9"12/31/201210:40 AMDreena Gonzales160
97.3KLLCModern AC "Alice @ 97-3"1/1/201310:55 AMJayn160
97.3-2KLLC 2Chill-Electronica "the Chill Channel"12/31/201210:30 PMAutomated160
99.7KMVQ-FMTop 40 "99-7 Now"1/1/20131:45 PMFresca160
105.3KITSModern Rock "Live 105"1/1/20135:45 PMMiles the DJ160
105.3-2KITS 2Classic Alternative "Classic Live 105"12/31/201211:00 PMAutomated160

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